Borderlands 3: All legendary weapons


Borderlands 3 is teeming with a variety of worthy weapons of all rarities. While any weapon can get the job done, the legendary tier comes with extra perks that make using the weapon all the more exciting and worthwhile. Because of their value, we’ve compiled a list of legendary weapons in Borderlands 3.

For now, the list is incomplete. We’re still discovering more as we go along. Since legendary weapons are based on chance, there are many out there that we haven’t found yet. Places like the Borderlands Wiki on legendary items, Game With (and their grenades list), IGN, and Game Spot all have their own in process lists that significantly helped create this one. There’s little to no overlap with them, demonstrating just how many weapons there are in Borderlands 3.

Assault Rifles:

  • Arctic Trained Kaos: A cryo Dahl weapon that slows enemies.
  • Dastardly Hand of Glory: A stylish Jakobs weapon found in the Jakobs centric missions on Eden-6. It has an odd burst fire pattern that takes some getting used to.
  • Hawt Dayumned Sawbar: A fire element COV assault rifle that will fire three flaming explosions per bullet.
  • Hawt Pain is Power: Another COV weapon that boosts your melee ability.
  • Nuclear Faisor: A Vladof weapon that can shift into a shotgun variant, making it versatile for close and ranged combat.
  • Polite Lead Sprinkler: Another Jakobs assault rifle. This weapon’s bullets explode on contact, causing extra damage.
  • Rebel Yell: An Atlas assault rifle with a high rate of fire with tracker darts and homing bullets.
  • Vengeful Damned: A versatile and well rounded Vladof assault rifle that drops randomly from enemies.
  • Venomous Dauntless Kaos: A corrosive Dahl weapon that causes corroded enemies to explode into a corrosive puddle that causes corrosive damage on contact.


  • Dastardly Amazing Grace: A slow Jakobs weapon that relies on critical hits. It returns one bullet to the chamber for every critical hit and has high accuracy.
  • Double-Penetrating Occultist: An incendiary Torgue weapon with a boost in splash damage for that extra crispy bandit.
  • Double-Penetrating Vigorous Raisen’s Thorns: A corrosive Torgue weapon that increases splash radius.
  • Exceptional Baby Maker ++: A Tediore weapon with powerful bullets and explodes into four bursts when thrown.
  • Ginormous Bangarang XL: This Tediore pistol that can be thrown like a boomerang. It returns back to the owner, firing through the air.
  • Hazardous Sellout: A Maliwan weapon that swaps between corrosive and incendiary. Tyreen Calypso might have something to say about your shots, superfan.
  • Infinity: Vladorf’s Infinity is a returning pistol with only one bullet. Don’t let that fool you. This gun fires infinitely without extra ammo.
  • Laden Standardized Linc: An Atlas brand weapon that fires tracker grenades and smart bullets that automatically target enemies in the tracker grenade’s range.
  • The Duc: This Jakobs gun shoots sticky grenades that cling to the enemy and explode upon reloading.
  • Unending Magnificent: A Vladof weapon that has a huge magazine and fires like an SMG instead of a pistol.
  • Venomous Hornet: A Dahl weapon with high rate of fire and corrosive damage.
  • Wagon Wheel: Another Jakobs pistol with a high rate of fire and impressive zoom.

Rocket Launchers:

  • Stuffed Quadomizer: A Torgue rocket launcher that fires three types of rockets before it needs to reload.
  • Stuffed Tunguska: This Torgue rocket launcher will bounce if it misses, exploding in the air to hit everyone in a flaming umbrella of pain.


  • Double-Penetrating the Boring Gun: Another cryo based weapon that slows enemies. It will randomly drop off enemies.
  • Hazardous Trevonator: A Maliwan shotgun that can swap between radiation and corrosion with increased splash damage.
  • Mind-Killer: This Maliwan gun drops randomly. It has a huge zoom and good offensive bonuses.
  • One-Punch Chump: A scoped single-shot weapon with intense damage. Check our guide on how to find it in the New-U Station on Promethea.
  • Redundant Phebert: Dropped off a main story boss, this Hyperion weapon is strong in its versatility.
  • Speedloadin’ Hellwalker: A Jakobs shotgun that references the Doom series. It fires bullets in a pentagram formation with a familiar reloading sequence.


  • Bankrolled Predatory Lending: A defensive weapon that returns bullets to the chamber for firing against shields. Found in the Varkid Valley.
  • Cloud Kill: A corrosive Maliwan SMG that will fire clouds that follow enemies around dealing extra damage. It drops from a main-story boss.
  • Express Firesale Long Musket: This gun is quite the fiery beast. It is a miniature flamethrower that, when thrown to reload, will chase after your enemies.
  • Hazardous Westergun: This Maliwan gun will swap between cryo and corrosion. It needs less charge and has some bonus splash damage to enemies.
  • Mocking Tsunami: Another Maliwan that needs some charge time. It will also add random element effects to each shot.
  • Shocking 9-Volt: A high zoom shock weapon.
  • Shocking Sleeping Giant: Another powerful shock based weapon that helps drop shields.
  • Smart-Gun XXL: A Tediore that reloads when thrown. If thrown at enemies it will explode like a grenade. If thrown at the ground, it runs around and fires at enemies.
  • Sneering Tsunami: Unlike the other Tsunami on this list, it has a quick charge with a high magazine capacity. Found in the Lesser Control Room in Skywell-27.
  • Venomous Ripper: This Dahl SMG will do more damage after a melee. And it drips blood, because reasons. I got it randomly from a Gold Key, but can be dropped at random.


  • Expert Storm: A Maliwan sniper that fires thunderstorms. You don’t need to land the headshot for the weapon to generate the electric storm.
  • Quickdraw Monocle: Critical hits will ricochet to the nearest enemy. This weapon will quickly take down enemies with its powerful critical hit perk.
  • Searing Vigilant Malak’s Bane: This Dahl sniper can swap to a shotgun and shoot flaming shards. In sniper mode, it can a fiery sniper round that ricochets around the arena.
  • Stark Krakatoa: An odd Maliwan sniper that requires a charge like all of its siblings. Once charged, it fires incendiary rounds that will spawn miniature volcanos when it kills an enemy.
  • Woodblocker: A spiffy skinned Hyperion weapon that projects a shield when zoomed and does extra damage.

Grenade Mods:

  • Chupa’s Organ: A blood sucking grenade that can be obtained in Athenas.
  • EMP: A shock based grenade that teleports to enemies and drops shields. It can be found in the tunnel in Promethea.
  • Fastball: Another that teleports to enemies with high damage. This can also be picked up in Athenas.
  • Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair: Fires a pair of bouncing grenades that bounce around the arena while hitting enemies.
  • Nagata: A teleporting grenade that warps to its target with a ring of mini grenades before exploding consecutively.
  • Nog Potion #9: Obtained from the Technical NOG Out mission on Miridian, this converts a NOG to fight on your side.


  • Eridian Fabricator: A special gun that shoots guns. It uses Eridium as ammo.

There are bound to be more that have yet to be found. This list will expand as we find more legendary weapons in the game.