Borderlands 3: How to get the legendary Maliwan gun


The legendary Maliwan gun is an exclusive VIP weapon for Borderlands 3, but players have to meet specific requirements to get it.

The loot and weapons are a major selling point in the Borderlands franchise. Even the announcement video for Borderlands 3 taunted fans with high-quality loot falling all over the screen. Borderlands fans love their weapons. And can you blame them? The creativity and quality that goes into each weapon shows the dedication to the series. With the new VIP rewards system, fans have the potential to unlock a legendary weapon, a Maliwan gun.

What is it?

The legendary Maliwan is a top tier weapon players can earn from the Vault Insider Program. By the look of it, it’s a legendary pistol from the Maliwan manufacturer. According to the page Wiki, Maliwan is a decent brand that specializes in elemental damage, but we’re not sure what the legendary VIP reward is.

Legendaries are valued thanks to their stats and assets. The weapons often have some boost that puts them above weapons of lower tiers.

How do you get it?

The legendary Maliwan weapon is earned exclusively from the Vault Insider Program. Fans sign up through the website with their SHiFT account and accumulate redemptions and points. Fans have to redeem eight weapon rewards to get the legendary Mailwan weapon. The Children of the Vault preorder bonus does count towards the redemption count, according to the website. Players will need to use their points to purchase other weapons to unlock the gun.

There are, happily, a plethora of redemption codes available online for fans to quickly accumulate the necessary points: good luck and happy redeeming.