How to Preload Borderlands 3


We’re two days away from the official launch of one of the most anticipated games in a long time, Borderlands 3. For weeks now Vault Hunters across the globe have been gearing up for another trip to Pandora and beyond in Gearbox’s threequel and now that we’re not that far off of launch time, we at Gamepur thought that you might like to know just how to preload your copy of the game.

Borderlands 3

How To Preload Borderlands 3

  1. Make sure you’ve pre-ordered a copy of the game.
  2. Wait 48 hours before the global release as that’s when preloading can begin.
  3. Keep an eye out on whichever electronic store you have it on as it will be available 48 hours before general release in your region.
  4. As soon as you see it hit download wait for it to install.
  5. Sit back and impatiently wait to play the game on the 13th.

All of that may seem like stating the obvious, but people have been asking so we’ve decided to answer. As already stated, it will be a case of the game appearing around 48 hours before it’s due for release in your region so if you’re in the UK, the game should be available for preload right now. It’s also going to be across the board which is great news for the PC Master Race as Tim Sweeney had stated that the Epic Games Store, who has the exclusive rights for the game for the first six months, wouldn’t be allowing anyone to preload it.

This would’ve been commercial suicide for the company but, thankfully, they have since seen the light.