Borderlands 3: How To Unlock Class Mods


Class mods define how you play your character in the Borderlands franchise. These determine a variety of passives and even give you boosts to certain weapons you’re going to use in combat. They fine-tune your character even more than your abilities and talents already do. You don’t get them immediately, though. When can you unlock Class Mods?

How to Unlock Class Mods in Borderlands 3

Class mods are not going to start dropping from enemies until you reach a certain point in the game. You’re going to need to play through the story and get to the “Hostile Takeover,” quest. When you complete this quest, you’re going to receive a reasonably standard Class Mod for your character, and you’re going to equip it. After this point, you’re going to start receiving Class Mods like you would any weapon or piece of equipment in the game.

No, you do not receive Class Mods strictly for completing quests or challenges in Borderlands 3. They’re going to start dropping after this point, and you can begin to hoping to get some outstanding ones as you progress through the game. They’re going to start showing up in the stores, chests, and you might even find one hiding in a Loot Tink, if you’re good enough to kill them and catch their loot. These are going continue to show up and become stronger as you progress through the game.

You’re going to want to examine the more powerful ones you pick up because you want to see what skill tree they’re going to increase. You don’t want to exclusively pick up the ones with the highest numbers next to them. When you’re looking over a Class Mod, refer to your skill tree to check out how you’re building your character and what they’re mostly doing. You want to increase the passives and the skills you’re already building into, rather than using a mod that goes into a different tree you have little or no points.

Good luck, Vault Hunters, and hopefully you get the best loot while you’re plundering the wasteland.