How to do Borderlands 3’s Loot Cave


There’s a loot cave happening in Borderlands 3. Hopefully, Gearbox Software doesn’t put a stop to it any time soon. If players are looking for a method to acquire an array of Legendary weapons, class mods, and grenades to their collection, this is the way to do it. To get in on this little loot cave, though, you’re going to need to have finished the game and have access to the Mayhem levels.

Borderlands 3’s Loot Cave

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to ramp the game up to Mayhem level 3. This difficulty setting is the highest Mayhem level available in the game. It comes with the most risks because it’s going to make the enemies in the Borderlands 3 world incredibly powerful. However, it’s going to increase the rarity and amount of loot you’re going to receive to counterbalance these adverse effects. You’re going to find the fighting extremely challenging, but as you level up, you’re going to breeze through it.

Now, the particular loot cave in Borderlands 3 is on Eden-6. You’re looking for the location on Jakobs’ Estate. Head over there, and make sure you’re getting ready to run through hordes of enemies. Sure, you can fight your way through them, but to get the maximum amount of output from this little “loot cave,” you’re going to want to dash straight through all of them merely. Fast travel to the southernmost section of Jakobs’ Estate, and make your way to the Servant’s Lift.

When you arrive, you’re going to see a Loot Tink pop out from underneath the deck. He’s a fast little guy. He has a shield, so you’re going to want to pack a high-powered Electricity weapon to take it down. Once that’s done, use a fire or acid-based weapon to chunk down its health further. You want to make sure you kill the Loot Tink to maximum the number of guns and high-level equipment you’re going to get.

When you finish, pick up your weapons, store the ones you want and sell the rest. You after that, return to the Fast Travel point at the bottom of the map and return to the game’s main menu. When you load back into the game on that character, you can return to the location and start the process all over again. You’re likely going to get legendary item after legendary item from the Loot Tink.

However, it’s important to note that for the time being the Legendary Items are the main focus of Borderlands 3’s end game content. Gearbox Software has plenty ready for the rest of the game, but it’s not out yet. You can do this trick to get as many Legendary Items as there are in the game, but you’re going to exhaust a lot of the fun potential. Only do this if you’re ready to move on to a different character, or want to acquire all of the items on a single profile, to get prepared for the additional content in the future.

Good luck, Vault Hunter.