Borderlands 3: Can You Skip the Intro Sequence?


A considerable concern for people is if they’re going to have the opportunity to skip the introduction cutscene in Borderlands 3. Many players see it over again as they start the game over with a new character, trying something new to see if they like it. While console players are likely stuck with it, PC players have the opportunity to do so, but should they do it?

Can You Skip the Intro Scene for Borderlands 3?

For starters, console players should know they’re not going to get the opportunity to prevent the introduction scene from popping up. It’s a sequence they’re going to have to get used to whenever they begin with a new character or start a game with a friend. The introduction is going to play, and they’re going to see it every time. It’s much more difficult to stop these types of things on consoles than it is on a PC.

With that said, there’s a method PC players can go about removing the introduction sequence from the game. But you might want to see how other people handle the method first, before committing to it. A handful of players on Steam have listed the method on a forum, detailing how they’ve gone int the game’s files and removed the sequence entirely.

A player said this was how they were able to get rid of the introduction on the Gearbox Software forums. We recommend you follow that file link at your risk, but if it’s something you want to get rid of, then we understand. However, Borderlands 3 has released in short order; you may not need to worry about it following enough fan outcry. However, there’s a potential method for anyone growing insatiably tired with the introduction whenever they start a new game.

For those who have played Borderlands since the beginning, the unskippable scene is nothing new for you. They have always been unskippable, sporting the cinematic music and cutscene alongside it. It’s less than five minutes, so hopefully, it doesn’t deter too many players from enjoying the game.

Good luck, Vault Hunters.