Borderlands 3: How to play Split Screen Co-Op


Borderlands 3 is here, and if you’re sensible, you’re going to want to play this game with a few of your friends. When Gearbox Software announced the game, we all knew you were going to play Co-op, because what’s a good Borderlands game if you can’t do it? You can play online, but you can also play the game with your friends on the couch. Here’s how you play it split-screen.

How to Play Split Screen Co-op in Borderlands 3

When you start up the game, you’re going to get the option to choose the difficulty. Pick the option you want, and then select if the game is going to be competitive or cooperative. The difference between these two is that when you choose competitive, you and your partner are not leveling together and you’re going to be vying for the same ammo caches. You won’t share it. Instead, you’re going to rely on telling each other about the ammunition you’re not using, and helping the other if they’re a lower level than you. Whereas with cooperative, you’re going to stick close together, support each other, and then you’re sharing ammunition and loot.

After you start the game, you’re going to see a brief cutscene, and you’re going to watch the story of the game. This cutscene should only happen for the first couple of minutes, and then you’re going to choose your character. If you have two controllers plugged in, your friend should have the chance to pick a character to play.

It’s important to note those playing on the PC are not going to have this option. PC players do not get split-screen mode with their game, only console players, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, are going to get this option. PC players are going to need to meet up with their friends online to play the game together through an online connection.

Good luck, Vault Hunters.