Borderlands 3: VIP Points Explained


Borderlands 3 expands the VIP system to include points, new code types, and more.

The Vault Insider Program is an intelligent little VIP system for players to register with their SHiFT account. With the SHiFT account connected to the game, they can redeem SHiFT Codes to get golden keys, which open, what are essentially loot boxes in the game. With Borderlands 3 there are also points to be added and other code types. Pro Game Guides has an extensive breakdown of the Vault Insider Program, complete with some redemption codes.

VIP Account

The VIP account connects with the SHiFT account. Sign in with your SHiFT account to access the rewards. In the Network and Social tab in Borderlands 3, click the “S tab” at the top left and log into your account.

On the website, click the SHiFT icon. You’ll get taken to the VIP area where you can register with your SHiFT account for the VIP bonuses and subscribe to the newsletter. Yes, I know those newsletters will probably end up unopened in your inboxes, but you get 500 VIP points for registering for it. So do it anyway.

Your VIP account tracks all the points you earn over time and through codes.

VIP Points

Points are credits you can use to purchase various in-game items. You earn them by watching trailers, connecting your Twitch account, doing surveys, completing your profile, and redeeming codes. Points accumulate pretty quickly through codes alone, so you won’t feel like it’s an impossible task.

Code Types

There are different VIP codes for various events. For instance, Email Codes are, predictably, only sent out to email subscribers. The email codes have a pretty long life and can get used by multiple players.

There are six code types now:

  • SHiFT Codes to get in-game loot.

  • Diamond Codes

  • Email Codes

  • Vault Codes

  • Boost Codes

  • Creator Codes

There are plenty of lists around with active and inactive codes for the various types, except Diamond since those are limited. Each of the codes are obtained a little differently, with some overlap, and they give different amounts of points. Email codes can go from 500 to 1000 points whereas Creator Codes seem to be closer to 250 points.


Once you’ve got enough points burning a hole in your digital pocket, there are a lot of things you can already spend them on: p in game cosmetics, wallpapers, and golden keys. Golden keys are limited to previous Borderlands games. You get rewarded for claiming VIP weapons with a Legendary Maliwan weapon in Borderlands 3 once you’ve unlocked a certain amount as an extra incentive.

The Vault Insider Program is a free reward for fans to earn some extra loot in the game. For those invested in the franchise, it’s worth your time and effort.