Borderlands 3: Can You Do Vertical Split Screen?


A significant issue with Borderlands 3’s split-screen mode is the fact players are running into the problem with observing text while they’re playing. The standard horizontal format is not cutting it on consoles. PC players are not encountering this issue because they cannot have any local Co-Op, and instead have to rely on online cooperative play. Can console players modify their format?

Can Split Screen in Borderlands 3 Be Vertical?

At the time of this writing, Gearbox Software does not have a vertical format for their split-screen gameplay. Players are forced to endure instead the process of having to play horizontal, which plenty of players are not interested in engaging with because of the text format. It’s preventing plenty of players from enjoying their time in the game, having to squint to read the text or understand what they’re doing.

Hopefully, Gearbox Software fixes and sends out a patch to format this structure. Plenty of players are finding it frustrating, and it’s ruining their experience on the first launch day. Given the overall dismay over the situation, it would seem odd for Gearbox to not appropriately respond and come up with an action plan to format it into the game in a post-launch patch.

For now, players are going to have to wait until something happens on Gearbox Software’s side. There’s not too much anyone can do about the issue. If players are interested in voicing their dismay over the format, they can reach out Gearbox Software on their official website. The more people who talk about it and voice their opinion, the more eyes are going to come to the issue, and they’re going to come up with a solution to the problem.

Good luck, Vault Hunters. We hope your first few days do not get ruined by this unfortunate issue.