Borderlands 3: Where to Grind Money


Money is a great way to get what you need in Borderlands 3 like it is in most video games. You’re going to need it to purchase upgrades to your inventory or to purchase epic weapons you see on the storefront for limited times. Additionally, you can use the money to waste time in Moxxi’s slot machines, hoping to walk away with a Legendary weapon or class mod. Here are ideal locations you can farm for money in Borderlands 3.

Where to Farm Money in Borderlands 3

Grenade Mods

An excellent method to start picking up money in the game is looking for specific grenade mods that offer you up more money. There are select mods that when it kills enemies, they’re going to drop more cash than they did initially. You can locate this type of grenade at any point in the game, but you’re going to get the most benefit for it during the later part when you’re close to the mid-30s to level 40 range.

When you grab these mods, equip them and head to a low-level area where you know plenty of enemies are going to spawn in close to a fast travel location. At the fast travel spot, fill up on all of the grenades, head over to the spawn location and take them out with the grenades. Because these foes are low-level, they shouldn’t put up too much of a fight. However, carefully shoot them with a weapon or two to make sure they get destroyed by your grenades when throwing them. After you kill them all, have these creatures respawn by using the closest fast travel location and start again.

You might get a little bored with this method, so make sure to have a playlist or podcast going at the same time. To increase this method, make sure to have on any piece of weaponry with passives to increase your payout for killing enemies. You’re probably going to find them on artifacts or Class Mods.

Selling Weapon Creates

Another sure-fire method to loot you a ton of cash in Borderlands 3 is locating a continually spawning chest in the game. There are chests close to the end of the game where you can have the weapons generate in the crate at a regular rate. You can do this method if okay with consistently logging in and out of the game.

You’re going to find them on in Wainwright Jakobs’ mansion, on Eden-6. You won’t gain access to them until you complete that character’s quest. Do it real quick. When you return, you’re going to gain access to the large estate. Inside, you’re going to find a pair of weapon chests with the Jakobs logo on it. Loot these chest, and then sell them at the nearby terminals. Instead of using the fast travel system to reset the area, you need to return to the main menu screen after you finish selling them. Return to that character, and go back to those chests. You’re going to find them filled again, ready for you to sell to the nearest terminal. These chests have the potential to disappear if you proceed to the next mission or start something new. You might want to farm this part for a good chunk of time if you’re going to rack up money, quickly.

The above location is an iconic one. But you can do this for any weapon box in the game. If you can find one anywhere in Borderlands 3 near a fast travel location, you can use this method on any of them. It becomes repetitive, though.

Complete Typhon Log Locations

You’re going to find Typhon log locations all across the galaxy. These log locations have a history of what’s gone on in that part of the universe, and what the author himself had done while he was visiting the area. These locations can feel touristy, primarily because of the dialogue, but they’re a quick way to get loot and finish up a challenge.

Whenever you wrap up any of these locations, you’re going to gain access to an exclusive weapons locker. You can’t unlock this weapons locket any other way, because it’s tied to the quest. You need to find all of the log locations, which you should see on your map. When you can access the site, the weapons in the crate are either going to give you better equipment than you have or make for great money. It’s good to go out of your way to find these to always have cash on hand.