How To Use Borderlands GOTY Shift Codes


Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced edition has arrived! It brings lots of welcome changes and updates to the original Borderlands game. The final boss has been reworked, there have been assorted graphical improvements, and we can also now use Shift codes for some of those sweet, sweet Golden Keys.

How To Use Borderlands GOTY Shift Codes

Borderlands GOTY Shift Codes

To use Shift Codes in Borderlands GOTY Enhanced, go to the main menu of the game and click on Extras. From there, choose Shift. You should see a screen telling you to check your character’s backpack for some extra weapons. Now, dismiss that message, and it will bring you to the Shift screen where you can enter your codes.

Are There Any Active Borderlands GOTY Shift Codes?

From what I can see, not yet! I have been keeping a close eye on the Borderlands Twitter account, and Randy Pitchford’s also, and neither of them have tweeted out any Borderlands GOTY Shift Codes yet. It is not all bad news though! Anyone who has played The Handsome Collection should have 75 Golden Keys ready for use in Borderlands GOTY. Not bad! Just don’t blow them all too early in the game, you are just going to be throwing those early day guns away.

I will, of course, keep this updated if I see any Borderlands GOTY Shift Codes in the wild! Best of luck, Vaulthunters!