Borderlands 3: How to Upgrade Backpack Space


Borderlands 3 is all about how much loot you can gather up. The more loot you can get, the better weapons you can acquire the more money you can make while you’re playing the game. Can you upgrade your backpack space and more slots in your inventory?

How to Upgrade Backpack Space in Borderlands 3

You’re not going to gain access to a way to upgrade your backpack early in the game. You’re only going to gain access to it when you get off of Pandora. That’s right: you’re going the get the chance to leave the planet and explore the galaxy in your space ship, the Sanctuary. The ship is going to serve as Borderland 3’s central hub, where you’re going to speak a lot of the important NPCs and stock up on supplies as you search for the other vaults. When you’re on the ship, you’re going to want to locate the weapon salesman, Marcus. You can find him at Marcus’ Munitions.

When you get there, you’re looking to purchase SDUs. These are items that are going to expand your inventory, the number of guns you can carry, the ammunition you can hold, and more. They’re instrumental, so you’re not going to want to forget this location when you’re on the ship because you’re going to visit it often. When you arrive in the shop, pick out the Backpack SDUs, and you should have more space in your inventory for the items you want to loot and take around with you.

Good luck, Vault Hunter.