How to traverse The Lost Woods in Cadence Of Hyrule [Tingle’s Dowser Location Guide]


Just like with most Zelda games, Cadence of Hyrule has its version of The Lost Woods to traverse to get to a dungeon and an end-game boss.

In this musical rogue-like though, the way to traverse it is quite easy once you know what you need to do, as the item you need to collect to find your way is in the Lost Woods itself, known as Tingle’s Dowser.

To find the item, you need to find the first exit from the Lost Woods to progress to the second screen. You will then notice a large wooden oak with a door in it. Enter it, and you will come across a sleeping Tingle besides a puzzle.

Go north and hit the statue to make it explode, forcing the large rock to move. You will then need to complete a rhythm puzzle to wake up Tingle and unlock Tingle’s Dowser, the item required to traverse The Lost Woods.

Then, simply equip the item and walk towards all four exits in a room until you hear a loud beeping noise. That tells you that the exit is the real one that you need to go through.

Every playthrough is different, and no two Lost Wood’s will be the same, so following the video above, for example, won’t guarantee you a safe route to the end. So be sure to use the item and kill all the monsters in each area to get through safely and in one piece.