Call of Duty Mobile – How To Open Battle Crates


Call of Duty Mobile is out today and can be downloaded for iOS and Android. The game brings all the excitement of Call of Duty’s signature multiplayer to your mobile device, but it can be a little challenging to figure out at first. You can, if you wish, choose to buy Battle Crates of various types in the Store by using COD Points, the game’s premium currency.

Battle Crates is a reward you can earn from a level up, finishing certain challenges, and other activities in the game, but where do you go to open them?

Call of Duty Mobile – How To Open Battle Crates

Call of Duty Mobile Loadout

To open Battle Crates, you must first go into your Loadout. In the top left of the screen, you will see four icons. The icon further on the right is your Inventory. Click on it to open the Inventory screen.

Inventory Screen

From here, you can see all the items that you have in your Inventory, including your Battle Crates. From here, you tap on your Battle Crates to open them. Rewards can include gear, cosmetics, XP Cards, or Credits.

If you choose to buy Battle Crates from the Store, they should automatically open at the time of purchase, but Battle Crates that you win through achievement, challenges, and leveling up will need to be opened from the Inventory screen as shown above.

A quick note on the XP Cards, these are not used from the Inventory screen, and can instead be used to add XP to a weapon of your choice from that weapon’s screen in your loadout. Just click on the weapon, then click on Upgrade in the bottom right corner, select the XP Cards you wish to use, and it will add the experience to the weapon, unlocking new attachments.