Call of Duty Mobile: How Many Kills for Nuke Killstreak


CoD Mobile is a pretty straightforward experience for mobile players who are interested in jumping into the Call of Duty franchise. There’s plenty of shooting, fighting, and the option for a battle royale if you get tired of Fortnite or PUBG when you’re on your mobile phone. For those who are fans of the series, the concept of killstreaks is nothing unfamiliar to you. However, the developers typically detail out what you need to do to earn them. But there’s a special one, a nuke killstreak. Players can get if they get enough kills during a single match.

How Many Kills for a Nuke Killstreak in CoD: Mobile

The first step to getting the opportunity to use this killstreak is getting to level 20. When players get to level 20, they receive a notification they now have the option to use the nuke killstreak during one of their matches. They do not need to equip it like they would with the other killstreak options they can have in the game. Every player has the opportunity to earn a nuke killstreak. Why give this much power to everyone? Because of how difficult the next portion of using the killstreak is going to be.

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When you’re level 20, the next step to using the nuke killstreak is getting to 20 kills in a single match without dying. Whenever a player dies, the counter starts over, and you have to work your way back through the killing field to try and survive to see it through. When you reach 20 kills using a single life, a small icon pops up on your screen, giving you the option to fire it off. When you do, it’s going to kill everyone on the enemy team, unless they’re already dead when it hits.

This killstreak is going to take out the enemy team. However, unlike the previous Call of Duty games, this is not going to end the match automatically. Instead, it’s going to keep everything going, and you still need to complete the game. Since you were able to rack up a 20 plus killstreak, you and your allies are likely doing exceptionally well in the match. So things shouldn’t be too difficult to wrap up. But the enemy team still has the chance to pull through and try to make a comeback, but this is unlikely.

When you see it in your game, you’re going to want to rush for cover. There’s not much you can do if the enemy team hits you with it, and if you or one of your allies send it off, you’re going to keep fighting and continue winning.

CoD: Mobile is out right now, and you can check out the latest activities going on in the game.