Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Equip Weapon Attachments


With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ready to drop later tonight, fans everywhere can enjoy several awesome weapons within the game. They can also take advantage of the many attachments to enhance their shooting style, including everything from a Red Dot Sight to a Grenade Launcher to a unique grip.

But the real question is, how are players able to equip these? It’s a rather simple process and one that we break down in further detail with our guide below. Follow these steps, and you can turn your assault rifle or other weapons into the essential tool for survival.

Pay a Visit To the Weapons Tab

First, go to the game’s multiplayer mode. It’s here that you’ll find an option for the weapons under the tabs. Enter here and look for the Edit Loadouts option. Once you find it, sort through your weapons until you find the one you’re looking to change up.

Once it’s picked out, head over to Gunsmith, there should be an option on the side of the weapon. You can hit the Square or X button, depending on what version of the game you have. Once you do that, there will be several lines pointing out how you can modify it. These changes include the weapon’s ammunition, muzzle type, optics, and more. Use your controller to find the part you want to change out, hit the button, and select what you want to use.

That said, you can’t overload a weapon with every attachment. There’s a specific limit that you can use. Watch out for the orange circles, which shows just where these limits are at. Other than that, you can change it up any way you see fit!

Opening Up Your Attachment Selection

Keep in mind that you aren’t just “stuck” with the attachments you already have on hand. While you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock more, depending on how fast you build up XP. As you level up with each weapon, more options become available. You can check how it’s doing at any time and change things up by going to the Gunsmith menu.

It usually helps to stick to a favorite weapon if you want to unlock items for it. You can still use variety and change up your loadouts. However, the more you use a specific assault rifle or other firearms, the more its possibilities open up. It’s naturally leveling up.

So, to recap, use the Gunsmith menu, check out what options you have on hand, don’t overload with too many attachments, and don’t forget to level up. Simple!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases on Oct. 25 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.