Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ – How to Find Vondel University Dead Drop

There’s a dead drop at the Vondel University in Call of Duty’s DMZ mode, and this guide shows you how to find it.

Image via Activision

The second part of the Icebreaker mission in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ is to find the Vondel University dead drop, commonly known as the Phalanx dead drop. There’s a specific area to find this dead drop and make sure you secure the supplies when you get there.

Tracking dead drops down in the DMZ can be a bit of a chore, and Vondel University is no different. Thankfully, we were able to track down this location to make it easier for you to get here, but you’ll want to make sure you bring the required items to it. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Vondel University dead drop in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ.

Where to Find The Vondel University Dead Drop in DMZ

Screenshot by Gamepur

Before attempting to track down the Vondel University dead drop, it’s important to note that finding the Vondel Zoo dead drop will be the priority. This is the first required step we need to complete before we need to worry about Vondel University. I found that getting to the Vondel Zoo was slightly more difficult, mostly because it’s highly likely every other player in Vondel is also trying to track down this location. This location is also on the Vondel DMZ map.

Once you have the letter of introduction and the tracker from the Vondel Zoo dead drop, make your way to the Vondel University region of the map, which is in the far north. However, rather than going there to scout out the university, we find it better to remain in the south, closer to the area next to the graveyard.

Although it took me a bit of time to figure out, the dead drop is not at Vondel University, at least not immediately next to the building. Instead, it’s in a small building close to the edge of the Vondel University and the Vondel Graveyard. Similar to the other dead drops, it will be a trash container on the side of the building. When you reach the location I marked above, throw the contents into the dead drop, and the Icebreaker mission should wrap up for you.

This part of the Icebreaker mission in the DMZ game mode can be tricky because of the dead drop location. Thankfully, nothing else is changed too much about this objective, and you can check out the newly unlocked Phalanx Faction missions in the DMZ faction mission menu after completing the DMZ match.