Can Greavard Be Shiny In Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2023 Part 1 Event

Greavard is making its debut in Pokemon Go with the Halloween 2023 Part I event, but players want to know if they can get a Shiny version.

not shiny greavards in pokemon go

Image via Niantic

Greavard is making its debut in Pokemon Go as part of the game’s Halloween 2023 Part 1 event. The long-awaited Pokemon and its evolution will finally be available to catch and should be available to every player as part of Timed Research, so it’s going to be hard to miss.

However, the thing that most players care about is whether or not there’s going to be a shiny variant of Greavard they can catch. Shinies are some of the most sought-after Pokemon, and Shiny hunting is practically a full-time job at this point in any modern Pokemon game.

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Can Greavard Be Shiny During the Halloween 2023 Part 1 Event in Pokemon Go

Image via The Pokémon Company

No, there won’t be any Shiny variants of Greavard in Pokemon Go during its Halloween 2023 Part 1 event. There’s no word on why the spooky Pokemon won’t have a Shiny version, but it’s almost certainly because Niantic is holding onto it for a future update.

Most Pokemon don’t have a Shiny version when they make their debut in Pokemon Go. Those come long after they’ve been in the game as fresh content alongside other updates. However, there’s a chance shiny Greavard could be added in Part II of Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2023 event. We’ll just have to wait and see.

How to Get Greavard in Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2023 Part I Event

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Image via Niantic and The Pokemon Company

To get Greavard in Pokemon Go during its Halloween 2023 Part I event, players just need to head out and explore as they would normally while hunting for Pokemon to catch. Greavard won’t be that common to start with, but it is possible to catch it in the wild.

If players want a guaranteed way to get a Greavard, they should complete the event-exclusive Timed Research. This Timed Research will go live at 10 AM local time on October 19, 2023, and end at 10 PM on October 31, 2023.

As part of the rewards for this Timed Research, players will get Stardust, encounters with Greavard, and a lot more items to add to their collection. We’ll be doing this when the event starts because we’re desperate to have a Greavard of our own.

In addition to this Time research, there will be a separate one that nets players encounters with Spiritomb. This is another Pokemon we’re desperate to have, especially because there’s a shiny version on the cards with this event.