Can you add draft classes to MyGM in NBA 2K22?

Let’s get a fresh crop of players in there.

NBA 2K22 has the rights to all NBA players, including the new rookies that have entered the league this season. Unfortunately, that is not the case for the 2022 rookies who are either still in college, or are playing professionally but are not eligible for the pros. Luckily, you can get around this and add them into the game, thanks to some very savvy people. Or maybe you want to create your own draft classes from scratch? You can do that as well, and you can even add these classes to MyGM. Here’s how you can do just that.

First, go to the Features section at the Main Menu and select it. At the Roster portion of the menu, select Create Draft Class. Here, you can either create your own class of rookies, or download a user-created class off of the User-Created Draft Class database. If you choose the latter, you can bypass this step and go straight to the next one. However, you still might want to sift through the class. By doing this, you can download it and save it locally.

Next, start up a MyGM file. Do not, however, choose the Ranked option. Due to the competitive nature of Ranked MyNBA, you won’t be able to import a draft class.

Once you have started up a new save file and franchise, the game should show you a prompt, asking whether or not you want to add a new draft class into the game, or let 2K22 auto-generate a class. Select Load/Download Draft Class if you want to take one from the database, and then select User-Created Draft Class. Then, find one from the database, or upload one that has been saved locally.

Alternatively, you can also choose ‘Create/Edit Draft Class’ to make your own.