Can you breed Kubfu in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor?

Kubfu is ready for their first Pokémon battle.

Kubfu is a new Pokémon you can receive in Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s DLC expansion pack The Isle of Armor. It will transform into Ursifu, but its type depends on what tower you pick during a pivotal story moment. You have two choices: Water and Dark. Whatever tower you choose will make Urshifu become a Fighting-type with that tower’s type choice. Because you have to make this decision, some players wonder if you can breed Urshifu to have multiple Kubfu so you can have one of each?

Both Kubfu and its evolved form Urshifu are legendary Pokémon. Because they are legendary Pokémon, players will not be able to hatch it from an egg or have it breed with a Ditto. If trainers want to have multiple versions of the Pokémon, they will need to reach out to another trainer who also has the game and is willing to part with it or purchase another copy.

Any trainer who was eagerly looking forward to having two versions of the legendary Urshifu may be a bit disappointed. It’s also a shiny-locked Pokémon because you cannot hatch it from an egg or breed it with a Ditto. Pokémon collectors might have expected the option for Kubfu to have a shiny version, but it could receive one following its initial release as other legendary Pokémon also have shiny versions available.

You will have the chance to add Kubfu and its evolved form, Urshifu, to your collection with The Isle of Armor expansion pack for Pokémon Sword and Shield.