Can you catch a shiny Aerodactyl in Mega Aerodactyl raids in Pokémon Go?

Battle against Mega Aerodactyl and you could receive some impressive rewards.

Image via Niantic

The raids in Pokémon Go sometimes provide some of the best methods for players to catch a shiny Pokémon. While the odds are still not perfect, they’re slightly better than wading around in the wild, searching for a shiny version. For example, if you’re engaging Mega Aerodactyl in its mega raids, you’ll capture a regular Aerodactyl at the end. Is there a chance to catch a shiny Aerodactyl after beating Mega Aerodactyl in raids in Pokémon Go?

It has been confirmed that you will be able to capture a shiny Aerodactyl at the end of the raid. However, the odds are not perfect, and it is not guaranteed to happen after defeating Mega Aerodactyl. You’ll still have a chance to catch and add another Aerodactyl to your collection to earn some additional candy at the end of these encounters, though.

If you do catch a shiny Aerodactyl after these raid battles, you can choose to evolve that shiny Aerodactyl into Mega Aerodactyl, and it will also be the shiny version. There is no separate shiny Mega Aerodactyl you need to capture. Instead, you need to make sure you have enough Mega Aerodactyl candy in your inventory to feed it to your Pokémon and evolve it. So long as you have that and a shiny Aerodactyl, the mega version will also be shiny, and you can choose to have it follow you around while you play the game.

When you need more Mega Aerodactyl candy, you’ll want to be on the lookout for specific field research tasks, special events, Timed Research tasks, and to battle in more mega raids.