Can you catch a shiny Blaziken in Pokémon Go?

Is there a shiny version?

Screenshot via Pokémon Go YouTube

Blaziken is the final evolved form of Torchic, and you have the chance to encounter Blazikan in Pokémon Go in several ways. You might earn it as a Timed Research or Special Research reward, it might be an exclusive Field Research reward for events, or it could be a raid encounter. Regardless of how you find a Blaziken, can you encounter a shiny version of one in Pokémon Go?

You have the highest chance of encountering a Blaziken through the raids. However, while Blaziken’s shiny and Torchic’s shiny version is in the game, you won’t be able to find one after defeating it in three-star raids. The shiny form for Torchic has been in Pokémon Go since May 2019, when it received its Community Day. You’re better off trying to find a shiny Torchic in the wild or as a reward during an event than trying to capture a Blaziken in its shiny form.

Torchic shows up every so often as one of the several Pokémon with increased chances of spawning. If you’re hunting down a shiny Blaziken, try to reach out to your friends to see if raid groups are happening for this Pokémon using your Remote Raid Passes.