Can you catch a shiny Explorer Pikachu in Pokémon Go?

What are your chances?

Image via Niantic

With so many Pokémon available for you to capture in Pokémon Go, the events that feature ones that don’t appear often are always special occasions. For the Secrets of the Jungle event from October 1 to 11, Explorer Pikachu is making a return, and you’ll be able to capture it in the wild worldwide. But, while it appears in the wild, what are the chances that you can encounter the shiny version of Explorer Pikachu?

There is a chance that when you find Explorer Pikachu, it could be the shiny version. Like the other Pokémon in the game, Explorer Pikachu will have a one in 425 chance of being a shiny version when you encounter it in the wild. So you’ll spend plenty of time trying to find its shiny version if you walk around or try to bring it to your position by using a lure at a PokéStop or incense on your avatar.

Alternatively, you have the chance to battle against Explorer Pikachu in one-star raids. You can find these raids during the event, and these offer the best opportunity for you to find Explorer Pikachu’s shiny version. The Pokémon with shiny versions have a one in 20 chance of being shiny after you defeat them in a raid. While you do need to use a Raid Pass to access this content, it’s a one-star battle, so most players should be able to complete it by themselves.

Explorer Pikachu will be leaving after the Secrets of the Jungle event, but it’s likely going to return in the future during another event.