Can you catch a shiny Joltik in Pokémon Go?

The Electric-type spider doesn’t shine yet.

Image via Niantic

At its core, Pokémon is a collecting game where you attempt to capture all of the creatures and add them to your total. The concept remains the same in Pokémon Go. Throughout all of the Pokémon games, there’s a small chance player have the opportunity to capture a shiny Pokémon, but they’re exceedingly rare. They’re tough to find in Pokémon Go, and even if a Pokémon has been released to the game, they don’t always have their shiny version available in the game. Niantic typically releases a Pokémon’s shiny version during a weekly event. Joltik, a Bug and Electric-type Pokémon, is one of those Pokémon that does not have a shiny version at the time of this writing.

You won’t be able to find Joltik’s shiny version in Pokémon Go, no matter how many times you attempt to encounter it in the wild or battle it in raids. The assets are likely already available, and Niantic only needs to turn on a switch.

Joltik’s final evolution form, Galvantula, is likely a far more desired Pokémon. Most Bug-types are not normally sought out, but Galvantula’s unique dual Electric-typing making it extremely useful in the Great League. It’s capable of battling against most of the Water-type Pokémon in this competition and taking them out. Galvantula, more times than not, is capable of defeating Azumarill.

When Joltik’s shiny version does become available, you’ll want to power it up and evolve it into a battle-ready Galvantula to show it off in the Great League. Joltik is likely going to receive its shiny version in the future.