Can you catch a shiny Landorus (Therian) in Pokémon Go?

What are the chances of finding this shiny Pokémon?

Image via Niantic

When it comes to finding specific versions of a Pokémon, you need to consider all of how you can find it in Pokémon Go. Some Pokémon only appear during particular events or when you perform certain actions. Legendary Pokémon, such as Landorus (Therian), will only appear as a five-star raid or a Pokémon Go Battle League reward. When encountering this Pokémon, can you find a shiny version of Landorus (Therian) in Pokémon Go?

We can confirm the shiny version of Landorus (Therian) has arrived in Pokémon Go. You’ll be able to find the shiny version whenever encountering this Pokémon. If you defeat it in a five-star raid alongside other trainers, or you receive it during a Pokémon Go battle reward, there’s a chance you might find the shiny version of this Pokémon in the encounter. However, it’s not guaranteed. There’s a chance the Landorus you encounter will not be shiny and will instead be the standard version of this Pokémon.

Even if its a standard version, you’ll want to catch this Pokémon to add to your collection. Both Landorus (Incarnate) and Landorus (Therian) are some of the better Master League legendary Pokémon you can catch and use in those competitions. These Pokémon are experts at taking down specific match-ups, making them an ideal choice to add to your team.

If Landorus (Therian) appears in the game for a five-star raid or as a limited-time reward, you will have a chance to catch a shiny version unless Niantic states otherwise. Catching a shiny Pokémon does not boost its stats, but it does give you something to brag about to other players.