Can you catch a shiny Skrelp in Pokémon Go?

The dragon without a shine.

Image via Niantic

Skrelp is making its Pokémon Go debut during Rival’s Week, an event happening during the Season of Legends. Skrelp will be spawning much more often throughout the wild, in raids, and you can earn it as a reward for completing several of the Rival’s Week field research tasks. With the Pokémon having an increased spawn, players can jump at the chance to add it to their collection and potentially evolve it into a Dragalge, a Dragon and Poison-type Pokémon. However, with Skrelp making its Pokémon Go debut, you should not expect to see a shiny version of this Pokémon floating around.

Whenever a new Pokémon becomes available in Pokémon Go, all of the art assets and moves are preloaded several months before players can catch it. Although Skrelp’s shiny version might be in the backend, developers Niantic typically prefer not to release it until after a Pokémon has been in the game for a few months. The team normally releases a new shiny version for an event. For example, during the Spring into Spring event, Bunnelby receives its shiny version, and it had been in Pokémon Go since November 2020.

We can expect to see Skrelp’s shiny version arriving sometime later this year or the next. There’s no proper formula or process that Niantic follows when it comes to releasing new shiny Pokémon. It’ll be a small surprise for everyone, but that’s fairly standard when it comes to releasing a Pokémon’s shiny version.

For now, you can capture as many Skrelp as you’d like to find the one with an ideal series of stats and evolve it into a Dragalge. You can earn XL candy for this Pokémon, turning it into a unique Ultra League Pokémon. Just don’t expect a shiny version to appear anytime soon.