Can you catch a shiny version of Flying Pikachu with a 5-shaped balloon in Pokémon Go?

Does the Flying Pikachu shine in the light?

Image via Niantic

For those keen on hunting down all of the starter Pokémon for the fifth anniversary of the Pokémon Go event, you want to make sure you’re also adding the Flying Pikachu to your collection. A Flying Pikachu has appeared before in previous events, but the Flying Pikachu for the fifth anniversary is a bit more special. It will have a distinct 5-shaped balloon on the front, showing you caught it for Pokémon Go’s fifth anniversary. There are multiple ways to capture this Pokémon, but for players who enjoy completing their collections, the big question is if this Flying Pikachu will have a shiny version.

Initially, what we could tell from the Pokémon Go blog that made the fifth anniversary announcement, we were under the impression that this Pokémon was not going to receive a shiny version. This event was going to be the big debut for Darumaka’s shiny version. However, players have captured and confirmed that a shiny version of the Flying Pikachu with a 5-shapes balloon is available. If you’re hunting for this shiny version, there is a chance for you to catch it. Your best chance of encountering it will be at a one-star raid, but it could also show up in the wild.

This Flying Pikachu is also an exclusive Pokémon, so it will only be around for a limited time. You want to make sure you capture at least one Flying Pikachu for the Fifth Anniversary Collection Challenge. If you happen go catch a shiny version of this Pokémon, that’s even better.

Flying Pikachu will be around for the duration of the fifth anniversary Pokémon Go event, which goes from July 6 to 15.