Can You Change Your Characters Appearance In The Outer Worlds?


The Outer Worlds begins by asking you to create your character. You will need to select your starting attributes, and then you will set your appearance. You can choose your gender, hairstyle, skin tone, and lots of other aspects of your character that are pretty standard for character creation. But can you change how your character looks after this?

Can You Change Your Characters Appearance In The Outer Worlds?

Once you have set up your character’s appearance at the start of the game, you can no longer change it, so make sure you are happy with how you look before starting the game itself! There is no way to change it in the game after that. Fortunately, it’s a first-person game, so you won’t be seeing yourself too much if you give yourself a less than pleasing look.

While you cannot change your appearance, you can respec your character. This mechanic allows you to redistribute Skill and Perk points but does not allow you to change their looks.

You can also change your outfit and armor, and because you can wear a helmet, this will pretty much hide your appearance at all times anyway. So, while you cannot change how your character’s face, or their gender, after the game has started, it isn’t that much of an issue.

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Best of luck in your new life as a colonist!