Can you dismantle items in Valheim?

You can’t break it all down.

In Valheim, you’ll find that the items you initially craft at the start of your journey become obsolete pretty quickly when you learn the upgrade versions. The better, higher quality tools, weapons, and armor require different resources, and they’re typically worth the investment. You’ll go from using a pickaxe made from elk antlers to using one made from bronze, and then iron. This process applies to nearly everything you craft in the game. When you’ve upgraded and moved on to the next piece of equipment, is there a way to dismantle your old items to reuse some older pieces?

Unfortunately, the only dismantling you can do is with building structures. You cannot craft an iron helmet and then break it down to its base materials. You can only do it with any of the items you make with a hammer, such as a wooden wall for a home, a crafting bench, a portal, or anything that you can use using your hammer. Click the middle mouse button to break it down, and the resources that created that building will appear on the ground in front of you. You won’t waste anything on a building, and adding a newly reinforced wall becomes extremely easy.

While it can feel a little annoying to go back into the wild to obtain some of the older resources you haven’t thought about since you initially started in Valheim, it keeps you on the lookout for Meadows and the Black Forest biomes when you’re looking for a Swamp to pillage.

You’ll have to be careful when you decide to craft a specific piece of equipment, weapon, or tool during your Valheim playthrough. Some of the resources become a bit more precious as you progress through the game, but there are multiple methods to find them. We recommend considering how much longer you think it’ll take you to battle the next boss and take your next step to progress to the next challenging biome.