Can you drop items in Minecraft Dungeons?

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Minecraft Dungeons Release

Image via Mojang

Minecraft Dungeons is a fun game, but it’s far more fun and satisfying to play with friends. You can choose to play it in a local co-op session with friends on the couch or hop into an online session with those on your friends list. There are many ways to play the game, giving you and your friends plenty to do as you work your way through the campaign and unlock several secret missions. Because it’s a game meant to be played with your friends, can you drop items?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to drop any of your loot to your companions. The same goes for trading in the game. You won’t be able to share any weapons, armor, or artifacts you find during your adventure.

You do share consumable items. For example, if you take down an enemy and it drops a potion, a piece of food, or arrows, those are shared amongst everyone in your party, but only one person receives it. If someone grabs the strength potion, it will increase their attack, but it does not do it for anyone else, the same for the movement speed buff or the one of invisibility. If you need arrows, let your companions know you need them, or they might pick up all of them along the way.

While unfortunate, you do have a loot table available to view before every mission. If your friends are hunting for a particular item to add to their collection, you can choose mission to go through to try opening up any chests or unlocking any of the secrets to find them. By adding more party members to your Minecraft Dungeons, you do increase the number of enemies in the game, making it easier for them to drop loot for everyone to enjoy.