Can you evolve Dedenne in Pokémon Go?

What else can do it?

Image via Niantic

Dedenne is a Pokémon from the Kalos region, and you’ll be able to catch it in Pokémon Go. It’s an Electric and Fairy-type Pokémon that almost looks like a unique form of a Pikachu. Like Pikachu, does Dedenne have an evolved form, and can you evolve it in Pokémon Go?

Unlike Pikachu, Dedenne does not have an evolved form. You won’t transform it into anything more significant if you have it as a buddy or provide it with any items. There’s no hidden quest that unlocks for it, giving it an evolved form.

The standard form for Dedenne is all you get. It’s not a powerful Pokémon, but it’s a suitable combatant if you’d like to use it in the Great League. Because it’s an Electric and Fairy-type, it is weak to Ground and Poison-type, some of the most frequent combatants in the Great League, but the Pokémon’s high stamina makes it tough to defeat. You can use it in several combinations, but make sure it’s your Lead Pokémon.

We might see a more diverse moveset for Dedenne in the future. Right now, it only has four moves total, two fast moves and two charged moves. We’d like to see more charged moves added to its moveset to increase its usefulness in the Great League and make it a more interesting choice in that meta.