Can you find a Shiny Trapinch during Dragon Week in Pokémon Go?

It evolves into a Dragon-type.

Pokemon GO

The first Ultra Unlock week in Pokémon Go is all about Dragon-type Pokémon, and players worldwide can capture some of the most elusive Pokémon in the mobile game. There is a variety of different Dragon-type Pokémon available, thanks to Pokémon Go Fest 2020 participants who unlocked Dragon Week for everyone. Dragon week is available from July 31 to August 7 at 1 pm PT.

One of the increased spawns is Trapinch, and many are curious about what their chances are of capturing this Pokémon’s Shiny version.

Trapinch is available during Dragon Week and does have an increased spawn rate, so you can increase your chances of capturing one whenever you have it active. The good news is for all Pokémon collectors is that Trapinch’s Shiny version is available throughout the event. It should have an increased Shiny spawn. Here are all the ways you capture Trapinch during the event:

  • Out in the wild – Trapinch spawns should be available worldwide, so activate your incense to increase your odds of encountering it.
  • 7-kilometer eggs – Any 7-kilometer eggs you earn from trainers on your friend list during the Dragon Week event can potentially have Trapinch inside it.

You won’t be able to find any of them in raids. The best method to find it is to activate your incense and find it out in the open world. The more times you encounter, the better chances you have of finding a Shiny one.