Can you find dark wood in Valheim?

Is this what you’re looking for right now?

Valheim Hearth and Home

Image via Iron Gate

The Valheim Hearth and Home update brought with it multiple roofing options for players to try out in their worlds. Many of these options include features that make wood options appear much darker and black shingles you can add to your roof. You’re going to need a certain ingredient to make these items, and many players are curious if there’s dark wood in Valheim. There is not, and that’s not what you’re looking for right now.

With no dark wood in Valheim, you want to look for another specific resource. You’re looking for tar. It’s a black, liquid-like item that you can exclusively find in the Plains biome. Because it’s in the Plains, we highly recommend you head to that region with the best gear you can make and the strongest weapons you forge.

When you arrive in the Plains, you want to look for locations that appear to be tar pits. These tar pits contain some vicious creatures called growths, an ooze-like monster that will fire a ranged attack at you that not only slows you down, it also poisons you. After defeating this creature, and properly investigating the tar pits, you’re going to find tar on the ground nearby.

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When you pick up tar, you’ll learn the many crafting recipes that you’re looking to add to your house, such as the shingles.