Where to find tar pits in Valheim

It’s a sticky situation.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are numerous biomes all over Valheim with unique drops and monsters. You’re going to find that they drop precious resources for you that you need to take back to your camp to use for crafting. For those looking for certain house decorations, you’ll want to find tar, which exclusively drops from tar pits. From our experience, tar pits only appear in a certain location.

You’re going to need to explore the Plains biome if you want to find tar pits. They’re these large holes with a sickly, rich black liquid bubbling inside of them. You’re also going to find growths, ooze-like creatures that fire out poisonous attacks at you that not only heavily damage you but they’re going to slow you down, draining your stamina.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We highly recommend ensuring you have plenty of armor and stamina potions on you while investigating these areas. Also, because of how many growths are protecting these areas, you might want to bring a few arrows with you to protect yourself from a distance. A growth’s ranged attacks are pretty devastating, and they can cause a lot of trouble, especially if a fuling patrol wanders nearby. When you’ve gathered up enough tar, bring it back to your base and start redecorating your home.

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