Can you fix PS error ce-33743-0 and what does it mean on PlayStation?

Is your game constantly crashing?

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A common problem you might experience while playing on your PlayStation is the game might experience an error or even crash the console entirely, forcing you to restart on the main menu. For some, this happens when they experience PS error ce-33743-0. It’s a common error code that PlayStation players may have seen when there’s a problem with their game, notably on the PlayStation 4. So can you fix PS error ce-33743-0, and what does it mean?

According to the Activision support website, this PlayStation code occurs if your game has crashed, and you’re going to need to restart the game. If you’ve only experienced the error once, the best way to fix it is to restart the PlayStation main menu and then wait a few minutes before attempting to load the game back up. You may even want to restart your console to cycle the power. If the error returns after you attempt to jump back into your game, there might be a bit more problems with your game.

For those still experiencing PS error ce-33743-0, you’re going to want to exit out of your game and attempt to update it. You can check for updates by going into the game options section and making sure everything is up to date. After you’ve done that, go through the same process for your PlayStation console to make sure it’s fully updated. Once both have been checked, restart your console and load it back up again.

Now, if you’re still experiencing the problems, make sure you don’t have a PS camera attached to the console. This could be the source of all the issues. You’ll also want to turn off Enable Face Recognition, which you do by going into the settings, choosing user, and then selecting the login settings to disable the face recognition program. If Finally, if you’re still experiencing problems, go into the PlayStation’s home screen, and go under settings. From there, click on the initialization option, and then Initliaze your console.

Hopefully, the PS error ce-33743-0 should be gone. If you’re still having problems with your console, we highly recommend contacting PlayStation support to see if you can learn more from their support team. The problem could also be a connection issue, especially if your game requires an online connection, or has something to do with being online.