Can you fix PSN error nw-31250-1, and what does it mean on PlayStation?

Everything is down.

Image by PlayStation YouTube

You might encounter several issues while playing from your PlayStation console. When you encounter an error code, sometimes turning the console off and restarting it does the trick, but other times, you have to go through a few more hoops to fix it. PS error code nw-31250-1 can be one of those problems. What can you do to fix the PS error ce-31250-1, and what does it mean on PlayStation?

This error code is formally known as PSN DNS error nw-31250-1, and it has to do with attempting to connect with the PlayStation Network. If you’re receiving this error, you’re likely attempting to connect your PlayStation console to the PSN, and it continues to fail.

You’ll want to check your internet settings on your console by going to the setting option, scrolling down to the network option, and clicking on the test internet connection. You’ll be able to receive a small report on what could be the problem. If your connection is fine but slow, it could be other hardware connected to your network. You may also need to reset your router by unplugging the power, waiting 15 seconds, and then replugging it in for a proper power cycle to happen. We recommend moving your console closer to the modem for those using a wireless connection to have them both in the same room ideally.

However, after you’ve gone through all of these solutions, it may just boil down to the PlayStation Network having issues and experiencing high traffic volumes. We highly recommend following the official PlayStation twitter. While this handle does not post live updates about what’s happening with PSN, plenty of other users will be posting and ‘@’ this handle to inform them of the problem, highlighting that they’re also experiencing the same issue you have. It all comes down to being patient and waiting for PSN to come back online so you can continue playing.