Can you get a shiny Mienfoo in Pokémon Go?

What are your chances?

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go players are always seeking the sacred hundo version of their favorite Pokémon, a perfect IV choice, giving it the best stats for PvP or PvE. What’s even better is discovering a shiny hundo, giving it even more authority because it’s a shiny version of a particular Pokémon. Almost every Pokémon throughout the Pokémon series has a shiny version, giving players a slim chance of encountering it. For those looking to see if they can capture a shiny version of Mienfoo while participating in the Battle League, you best not hold your expectations too high.

The shiny version for Mienfoo will not be available when it’s released to Pokémon Go. Like nearly every Pokémon entering the game, Mienfoo won’t receive its shiny version for quite some time. We can expect it to release sometime in early 2022, though, especially given it’ll be a Battle League-exclusive Pokémon for a little bit. Luckily, unlike Frillish, it’ll be much easier to acquire. You only have to reach rank five in Battle League to receive your guaranteed encounter, and then it’ll enter the general pool of Pokémon encounter rewards.

Niantic typically does this for nearly every new Pokémon it introduces to the mobile game. They’ll first release the new Pokémon, wait about a year or so, and then add its shiny version alongside an event to increase its value once again. There have been a handful of small exceptions to this, such as Sylveon, which its shiny form released due to its first form, Eevee, already having its shiny version available. Mienfoo does not have this luxury.