Can you get a shiny Zamazenta in Pokémon Go? – August 26, 2021

What are the odds?

Image via Niantic

There are numerous shiny Pokémon for you to catch in Pokémon Go. Normally, these versions of the Pokémon are available most of the time, with trainers able to receive them from catching a Pokémon in the wild, from completing research tasks, or raids. However, new Pokémon don’t always receive a shiny version. The latest Pokémon coming to five-star raids, Zamazenta, is it receiving a shiny version?

Right now, when it initially releases, Zamazenta, Hero of Many Battles, will not have a shiny version in Pokémon Go. Any Pokémon that initially releases almost always will never have a shiny version that players collect. There have been rare changes to this rule, but a majority of the time, it’s a no, so players don’t have to worry about trying to capture a shiny version while attempting to battle against Zamazenta.

We can expect the shiny version for Zamazenta to arrive sometime in the next year. It’ll likely happen the second time Zamazenta is featured in an event. We can expect this event to happen roughly around the summer of 2022, but we don’t have any exact days or ways to speculate. However, whenever a new legendary Pokémon arrives in Pokémon Go, the second time it appears in five-star raids is when it receives its shiny version, along with an exclusive move.