Can you get more health potion charges in Minecraft Dungeons?

Healing is everything.

Minecraft Dungeons

You only have a single health potion in Minecraft Dungeons, which makes healing at the correct time is crucial. As you progress the several difficulties of the game and continue to level up and have a higher gear power, healing continues to rise in importance. Can you get more health potions?

You won’t find an enchantment or a skill that gives you an additional healing potion. For the rest of the game, the single healing potion is the only one you have. It does increase in power, though. Every time you level up, the healing potion gives you more health back. While you won’t receive more healing potions, there are alternative methods to heal.

The Soul Healer and Totem of Regeneration are key artifacts to utilize in Minecraft Dungeons. Both of them heal your character in the game, and they work independently of the health potion. Both of them have their drawbacks. The Soul Healer relies on you having collected souls, which you can receive by killing enemies in the game. The Totem of Regeneration goes down in a single spot, but it heals you over time, it does not give you a burst of healing like the health potion or Soul Healer does.

Alternatively, you can have weapons that have leeching enchantments, which give your character health for attacking and hurting enemies. These are more aggressive and have a higher risk.

All in all, you may have to wait for the health potion cooldown to come back. You don’t have to advance through the game to have it return. It does come back over time, and you can always try to run away from an encounter if you run out of health and need to heal.