Can you look backwards in Century: Age of Ashes?

Keep an eye out.


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Century: Age of Ashes is a dragon dogfighting game in which you ride dragons into battle against other players and tear each other apart using fireballs, flamebreath, and all manner of dragon-based abilities. The action is intense and fast-paced, meaning you could be soaring through the skies one second and diving into a crack in a cliff to escape an enemy the next. One of the most useful mechanics in the game is the ability to look behind yourself, but the game never tells you that this is possible. This guide explains how to look backwards so you can check on what is chasing you.

How to look backwards

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Looking backwards in Century: Age of Ashes is pretty simple. If you’re using a mouse and keyboard, press the E button. For those who prefer a controller, you need to press the right joystick to do the same. Be careful while doing this because it will distract you from looking where you are going, meaning you could fly straight into a wall and die.

Why you should look backwards

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Looking backwards is helpful if you’re being chased or if you see indicators for incoming projectiles or a flamebreath attack. While avoiding a flamebreath attack is slightly more pressing, it can be useful to look behind you and see what enemies are firing at you. For example, in a game of Carnage, it’s useful to know if you have three or four enemies behind you because you can lead them into a trap if you’re playing as the Phantom class.