How to counter flamebreath attacks in Century: Age of Ashes

Don’t get cooked.


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In Century: Age of Ashes, you have to blast fireballs to damage enemies and finish them off with your flamebreath attack when you close in on them. However, the same can and will happen to you. While the game teaches you how to counter and dodge incoming projectiles, it does nothing to show you how you can get away from these continuous attacks that whittle away your health until you quickly die and fall into the sea. This guide explains how to counter flamebreath attacks, so that doesn’t happen to you. 

Fly close to the ground

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The key to all flamebreath attack counters starts with flying close to the ground or water. This helps you charge up your energy, ensuring that you’ve always got enough for a quick boost when you need it. If you’re caught in a flamebreath attack in the sky and don’t have any energy to boost away, you’ve got no hope of avoiding it.

Slow down and make a sharp turn

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When you see a flamebreath attack closing in on you, the first thing to try is to slow down and make a sharp turn. If you do this quickly enough, you may be able to get away from your enemy. It will help to boost away in a new direction, but even if that’s not possible, making a sharp turn will make life very difficult for your pursuer.

Use obstacles to your advantage

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When you can, fly underneath or around rocks and other structures to avoid taking damage. These obstacles will block the firebreath attack and give you some space to boost or fly away. You’ll need to be strategic about this, potentially flying up or down as you circle an obstacle before flying away from your attacker.

Fly under or over your enemy

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If you’re stuck, try slowing down and flying under or over the enemy that’s attacking you. This is an awkward enough move to pull off when you mean to, so you can only imagine how hard it is for an attacker to follow. This usually does the trick and saves your life, but skilled attackers will be able to see right through it.