Can you make a Wooden Spoon in Green Hell? Answered

The spoon is a lie.

Image via Creepy Jar

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Green Hell is not your typical survival game in that it complicates the whole survival process ten-fold by adding in complex aspects such as nutrition and various healthcare systems. To survive, you must be able to craft various items and tools that will push you away from certain death, ranging from weapons to tools.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Tools of the game are diverse and vast, and one of them is called a Wooden Spoon. This tool is found at the Drug Lab on a table next to or even on top of a cooking pot and gives the illusion of being a useful item. However, right-clicking on the Wooden Spoon to bring up more interactions only reveals Destroy. The cooking pot however is a highly useful tool, as when placed in the open it gathers up the rainwater, giving you clean and safe water to drink, rather than having to sip from the parasite-infested waters or hunting down Coconuts.

Attempting to craft the Wooden Spoon has also been met with disappointment, and the Wooden Spoon has been labeled with the term Miscellaneous Tool. At this point, the Wooden Spoon is not able to be crafted nor is it a usable item in the game and is more for looks than anything else. However, with the game slated for updates in 2022, this might change so you might want to remember where you dropped it just in case something changes in the future.