Can you make subtitles and text bigger in Atomic Heart?

Seems like you’ll need to get close to the screen.

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Subtitles provide all kinds of accessibility bonuses. Not only do they help players with hearing issues play games, but they provide everyone with a way to keep up with dialogue no matter what environment they’re playing in. This is why subtitles exist, as they can help you understand everything without a problem. If you just started playing Atomic Heart, you might be wondering if there is a way to make subtitles and text bigger to help make it more readable. Let’s take a look.

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Can you increase the subtitles and text size in Atomic Heart?

We have played Atomic Heart for more than 40 hours and so far, we have not found any option in the game’s settings that can help with increasing the size of the subtitles and text. In fact, this isn’t the only thing the game lacks; as we can’t find other useful settings, such as colorblind options.

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If you’re currently playing Atomic Heart, you can see how difficult it can get to read the text on the screen, especially if you’re sitting further than a few feet from your TV or monitor. The problem is not only limited to the subtitles, as multiple NPCs also have a line of text above their head. Both the subtitles and the text hovering above the NPC’s head are small and difficult to read. The only way to read them properly is by getting extremely close to the screen, which can be annoying considering you’ll either have to move your seat or get up several times during gameplay. If you’re someone who needs glasses or has other visual impairments, you may have a difficult time playing the game.

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As the problem is making plenty of players frustrated, we can expect the developers to add an option to make the subtitles and text size bigger through an update. That said, there’s no official announcement about such an update at this time, leaving players struggling to see the text out in the cold.