Can You Play CS2 With Your Left Hand? How To Play Counter-Strike 2 Left-Handed, Explained

For all you lefty weapon holders, you might want to change the default position in Counter-Strike 2. But can you?

Image via Valve

Customizing games to suit your own playstyle is something many people do before they even start playing for the first time. Counter-Strike 2 allows you to change plenty of options, from keyboard bindings to graphical settings; there are many ways you can customize your experience.

There are some players who would like to have the weapon hand in-game on the left-hand side rather than on the right of the screen. As this is something you could change in previous games of the Counter-Strike series, you might be hopeful to continue that trend. Here is what you need to know about if you can play CS2 with the weapon in your left hand.

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Is There a Left Hand Command in CS2

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unfortunately, you are not able to change the weapon hand on the Counter-Strike 2 HUD to the left. This might be frustrating for many players who like to adjust this from the default position, as it was something you could do in other versions of Counter-Strike. In CS:GO, you could change the weapon model to be on the left side by using the console command cl_righthand 0. But there is currently no command to do this in Counter-Strike 2.

At the time of writing, we are unaware if this will be changed at some point in the future, as Valve has yet to make a statement on the matter. But it does seem like a significant oversight by Valve not to have left-hand command in CS:GO at launch. Hopefully, if enough players in the community make a loud noise about this and express their disappointment, Valve might consider adding this feature to Counter-Strike 2 in the near future. Because CS:GO was taken offline at the time of Counter-Strike 2’s launch, there is no way for those players to jump into the previous iteration if they don’t like this new look.