Counter-Strike 2: Long Queue Times in CS2 & How to Fix

Long queue times in Counter-Strike 2 are causing players to wait for a match to begin.

Image via Valve

With the release of Counter-Strike 2, players are swarming to see what this latest iteration has to offer. Unfortunately, that has led to a selection of errors during the launch period where players have been unable to access the game or enter a match.

During this early stage, there are reports of players not being able to start a game because the queue times are very long, with some players stating that they’ve had to wait over 30 minutes for a match to begin. So, what exactly is happening here, and can you do anything to fix this? Here is what you need to know about the long queue times in Counter-Strike 2.

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Why Are the Queue Times Long in CS2?

During the launch day of Counter-Strike 2 on September 27, the concurrent players peaked at 1.4 million players. The demand for those wanting to access CS2 has been high, which is why the queue times are so long to access a match. Valve posted an update on September 28 stating that some regions have hit server capacity, which is why players are experiencing a problem.

How to Fix Long Queue Times in CS2

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do to fix the long queue times in Counter-Strike 2, as this is a server issue that Valve needs to rectify. Valve is currently working on spinning up more servers to increase capacity while also making changes within the game to improve the availability of those servers. For the patch notes on September 28Valve disabled CSTV and demo recording to help with the capacity problem.

Until then, you’ll just have to wait for these servers to come online before the queue times drop back to normal. Because Counter-Strike 2 replaced CS:GO entirely, you can’t even go back and play that anymore.