All Counter-Strike 2 Knife Commands

There are multiple knife commands that you can use while playing Counter-Strike 2, and this guide covers every command on your keyboard.

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When it comes to playing Counter-Strike 2, there are plenty of options you can go with during combat. You can carefully time your attacks, planning out an organized strategy to outmaneuver your enemy, or you can carefully strike at them using a knife. It’s a close-range weapon, but exceptionally good at taking out enemies. Although, in a private match, you might want to test them out.

There are several knife commands that you can use during a Counter-Strike 2 custom match to make them appear, but keeping track of them takes a good amount of time. Here’s what you need to know about all Counter-Strike 2 knife commands that you can use.

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Every Knife Command in Counter-Strike 2

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It’s important to note that this will only take place during a private match of Counter-Strike 2. This is where you can control the game, fool around, and try things out with yourself, or with your friends. However, in a real match, you’ll be limited to the knife appearance you’ve unlocked on your account, which may cost money if you’re after a particular one. You also want to make sure you’ve enabled the Developer Console before launching Counter-Strike 2, or none of this will work. You can do this from your Steam launcher, before clicking on the game.

  1. Right-click on Counter-Strike 2 in your Steam library, and select Properties.
  2. Under the General Settings, scroll down to the launch options box and type in -console
  3. Close this window to save the settings.

Alternatively, you can also enable the console from the in-game settings menu.

  1. From the main menu select the settings button, which is the cogs symbol on the top left.
  2. Click on the Game button to open a list of options.
  3. Change the Enable Developer Console (~) to yes.

Before you can begin using these Knife Commands, make sure you’ve opened up the command menu (tilde key ~) and entered “sv_cheats true” in the menu, enabling them to work in Counter-Strike 2.

  • sv_cheats 1
  • mp_drop_knife_enable 1
  • Drop the knife and aim at the knife
  • subclass_change “knife id (number)”
  • 500 weapon_knife (Bayonet)
  • 503 weapon_knife (Classic Knife)
  • 505 weapon_knife (Flip Knife)
  • 506 weapon_knife (Gut Knife)
  • 507 weapon_knife (Karambit)
  • 508 weapon_knife (M9 Bayonet)
  • 509 weapon_knife (Huntsman Knife)
  • 512 weapon_knife (Falchion Knife)
  • 514 weapon_knife (Bowie Knife)
  • 515 weapon_knife (Butterfly Knife)
  • 516 weapon_knife (Shadow Daggers)
  • 517 weapon_knife (Paracord Knife)
  • 518 weapon_knife (Survival Knife)
  • 519 weapon_knife (Ursus Knife)
  • 520 weapon_knife (Navaja Knife)
  • 521 weapon_knife (Nomad Knife)
  • 522 weapon_knife (Stiletto Knife)
  • 523 weapon_knife (Talon Knife)
  • 524 weapon_knife (Default knife)
  • 525 weapon_knife (Skeleton Knife)