Can You Play GTFO Solo?


GTFO is a four-player cooperative shooter with a distinct horror vibe where the monsters mean business. You and your teammates need to work together and communicate on how to handle any situation you encounter. Do you need to matchmake in the game to play it, and if not, is it possible to play the game by yourself?

That’s a complicated answer. GTFO does not stop a player from playing it by themself. You have the option to load up the game, pick your loadout, and start playing it. However, the gameplay does not become easier when you’re alone. There are multiple tools and tactics available in the game designed to make it easier to work with your partners.

You want to go through the game with as many party members willing to go with you, which is a total of four. When you play by yourself, you only have access to one of the five tools, and you have limited ammunition and weapon variety. When your assault rifle runs out of ammo, and your back-up submachine gun is low on bullets, you need to think fast. You don’t want to find your back against a corner with only a melee weapon to fight off the monsters running around in the dark.

In short, you don’t want to play GTFO solo. The developers, 10 Chambers Collection, made it with the intent of four players communicating and working their way through the game. You would find a higher amount of success speaking to your friends to purchase the game, or joining up with the developer’s Discord channel to find some willing party members to help you out. Don’t be afraid to make some friends.