Can you play local co-op in Don’t Starve Together?

But can you play together together?

Image via Klei

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Remember the days of old when you brought all your friends over for the weekend and played games together on the same console/screen? While those days might seem far away, there are still some games that you can play together via local co-op.

Luckily, Don’t Starve Together is one of those games. Before starting your adventure, there should be a prompt on the main menu to have someone else join you via local co-op. It’s as simple as pressing one button and won’t require them to have their own version of the game.

If you’re playing on a PC version of the game, then there is no local co-op available. If you buy the game on a platform like Steam, the developers Klei give you an extra free copy of the game to give to a friend. You can’t play on the same system, but if your friend has a laptop of any kind, they should be able to download Don’t Starve Together as it’s not a very technically challenging game.

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Local co-op is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch versions of Don’t Starve Together. The game itself is also playable via an online connection or can be played solo.