Don’t Starve Together – Character Tier List

Find out which character you should main in Don’t Starve Together with this tier list.

Don't Starve Together Character: Wes, Wendy, And WX-78

Image via Klei Entertainment

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Don’t Starve Together is that survival game with a whimsical cast of characters that keeps getting refreshed repeatedly, which tempts me to leave my usual character to try out a new one.

However, this transition can be challenging, and you don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of your friends. There is a world of difference between one character and the other. Some Don’t Starve Together characters shine in combat; others excel in resource management or unique abilities. Sure, practice can narrow the gap, but some characters just don’t cut it. In this tier list, I’ll go over the best and worst characters in Don’t Starve Together.

S-Tier Survivors: The Top Dogs in Don’t Starve Together

Best Characters in Don't Starve Together
Image by Gamepur

Wurt: Although they definitely have a slow beginning, once the Merm army is built, they’re unstoppable. Thanks to the latest refresh, Merm armies are simpler to form. They’re simply the tankiest character out there.

Willow: She has fire-related perks and Bernie’s support to keep Charlie away. Willow is unstoppable as long as you learn to keep her sanity from quickly depleting.

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Wes: Wes had a rocky start – everyone seemed to despise him. However, I’ve found the balloon dynamic, especially when you hand it out to other players, to be super fun.

A-Tier Champions: Strong and Reliable Characters in Don’t Starve Together

Top Characters in Don't Starve Together
Image by Gamepur

Wanda: Wanda’s tools let you teleportate through the map. I don’t know what else to tell you. I’m dropping her to A tier because she’s a bit tough for beginners because of the high-risk, high-reward synergy.

Wendy: She’s the undisputed queen of horde murder. Relying on Abigail for combat support, she’s powerful but dependent. Plus, refresh after refresh, her style has stayed consistent.

Wortox: If played right, Wurt can teleport across the entire map at will and takes 50% less energy drain from other monsters. In short, he’s a beast. The one issue is keeping the monster well-fed.

Wickerbottom: This lady can control any aspect of the game by turning a page or two. Wickerbottoms do god’s work by focusing on farms and digging fallen comrades out of the dirt while the kids go out to play.

Webber: This guy offers a fun, unique playstyle without lacking power. Spider armies are easy to tame, and we’ve got new spiders on the team. 

B-Tier Players: Nothing Out of the Ordinary in Don’t Starve Together

Image by Gamepur

WX-78: WX’s perks include achieving infinite light and incredible speed. He’s absolutely strong and has versatile circuits. However, I’ve found his beginnings to be quite weak, especially since he takes damage from rain.

Wormwood: Manipulates sanity, farms efficiently, and has incredible armor. However, being unable to heal from food might take some getting used to.

Wigfrid: Playing Wigfrid is fun, especially since she can provide a lot of utility for the team with armor. But, despite recent updates, she’s lagging behind the curve.

Maxwell: Very few things can beat Maxwell’s magic hat. Plus, they’re pretty handy with materials and crafts.

C-Tier Strugglers: The Meh Category in Don’t Starve Together

Worst Characters in Don't Starve Together
Image by Gamepur

Wolfgang: The muscle of the game with mighty forms. The one issue with Wolfgang is he is tough to manage. He only gets good over time, which I don’t have the patience for.

Walter: A Ranged character could be great, but the Tree perk completely ruins his dynamic. Like many others in this list, Walter is a passable character that I find hard to pick.

Winona: She’s alright, but not great. Speedcrafting and a knack for mob farming save her from the D tier.

D Tier: Avoid Until the Next Refresh in Don’t Starve Together

Worst Characters in Don't Starve Together
Image by Gamepur

Warly: Soul-grinding for his abilities makes him a time-consuming pick. Plus, he’s just so bland as a character that picking him in the first place feels like a chore.

Woodie: Transforming into Wereweavers sounds fun on paper, but in reality, Woodie is just OK. He is a bland character who doesn’t even maximize what he’s supposed to be good at resource gathering.

Wilson: Wilson is the OG, but sorry to break it down to you: he sucks. He is overplayed, and the newly introduced mechanics don’t suit him. However, once in a blue moon, you’ll find a veteran player who knows how to make him work. Kudos to them.