How To Revive In Don’t Starve Together

Learn about how you can revive your friends with various items in Don’t Starve Together.

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Don’t Starve Together takes the cartoonish yet subtly ghoulish experience of Don’t Starve and makes it multiplayer. If you’ve been playing with a friend for ages, you’ve probably run into questions about “revive.”

How do you revive people in Don’t Starve Together? It’s not hard to die in a game like Don’t Starve, but as the game is now, it’s not readily apparent what brings you (or your friends) back to the land of the living for a second try at things. That’s where we have the expertise, so we’ve put together this little guide for how to revive your friends in Don’t Starve Together.

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How Can You Revive in Don’t Starve Together?

Don't Starve Together Reviving Items
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Reviving is somewhat complicated, but only while you’re new to Don’t Starve Together. Once you have the basics down, it becomes an ordeal of resource management rather than a feat. Reviving is a somewhat available process, with four different ways to do so, one of which can even be done before the death even happens. These four ways include:

Touch Stones

Touch Stones are the first defense against your buddies starving to death in Don’t Starve Together. It’s the only way to revive a player that comes for free, although they don’t stay that way forever. The power of the Touch Stones can only save you for so long, being a limited resource for your limited haunting abilities. As a ghost, if you haunt a Touch Stone, you’ll be revived. However, this revival is a one-time use tactic, so players can only use a Touch Stone to revive themselves once per game each.

The Meat Effigy

This more macabre way to revive in Don’t Starve Together is more flexible than a Touch Stone because you don’t have to wander around to find one. You can craft this solution yourself if you have the right ingredients. The Meat Effigy won’t automatically revive the player, even if they die right in front of it. You’ll need to select the option at the top of your screen to revive your friend.

To create a Meat Effigy in Don’t Starve Together, you’ll need the following:

  • Board 4x
  • Beard Hair 4x
  • 40 Health

The Life-Giving Amulet

Another way you can get revived in Don’t Starve Together is by getting your friend to craft the Life Giving Amulet. After prototyping at the Prestihatitator, you can find the instructions for the Life Giving Amulet under the Magic tab. The good part about Life Giving Amulets is that you can prepare more with this method; if you feel your friends will get themselves killed soon, you can create one ahead of time to have ready when death swoops in. If you want to make a Life Giving Amulet for your more starve-prone friend, you’ll need the following to craft one:

  • Nightmare Fuel 2x
  • Red Gem 1x

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A Telltale Heart

The final way you can bring your friend back to the land of the living in Don’t Starve Together is by creating a Telltale Heart, which is just a spider’s organ wrapped in some twine. Not that it matters how you get revived, but this one seems the most crude, despite the somewhat poetic name. Be warned, just like Effigy, Telltale Heart takes away some of your health when you use it. To create a Telltale Heart, you’ll need the following:

To create a Telltale Heart, you’ll need the following:

  • Cut Grass 3x
  • Spider Gland 1x

While you do lose health from using this item, it is worth noting that when you revive a friend, you gain 80 Sanity for your trouble. While the health cost may be high, having two sets of hands is always better than one, and that sanity boost may come in handy as you continue to play in Don’t Starve Together.